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Australia's Organic Cannabis Clinic, offers $79 telehealth consultations available nationwide. 

Experience convenient and expert healthcare from home, guided by our experienced team. 

Your medication is delivered to your door.

Book your 15 minute appointment today and embark on a path to improved well-being.

Join thousands of Australians who are experiencing relief with natural alternatives to conventional treatments. Organic plant based solutions for your wellness.

Including chronic back pain, anxiety, insomnia, nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy, epilepsy, mental disorders, spasticity from multiple sclerosis and more.

A highly professional organisation who care about the people they treat. Manage the process from referral, approval, prescribing and medications. Any issues are dealt with quickly and respectfully. Overall a 5 star service. https://g.co/kgs/DkYNNA

Mark W
New South Wales

This is my opportunity to express my thanks for all your assistance. Your customer service .. exceptional ! Product quality .. wow! Deliveries have been on time . Communication between us accurate !MOCA supported me so Im going to continue to support them going forward.

Danny T

About Us

Emanuela Ispani

Co-Founder and Director.

Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) & MOCA Health Cannabis Clinic

Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) is a pioneering organisation dedicated to advancing the accessibility and understanding of medicinal cannabis across Australia. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and patient-centric care, MOCA stands at the forefront of the country's medicinal cannabis landscape.

At MOCA, our mission extends beyond providing medicinal cannabis products. We strive to educate and empower patients, healthcare professionals, and the wider community about the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Our focus on organic cultivation ensures the highest standards of quality and safety in our products, fostering trust and reliability among patients.

MOCA Health, our specialised cannabis clinic, serves as a beacon of personalised care. With a multidisciplinary team of experts, including physicians, pharmacists, and wellness advisors, MOCA Health offers tailored treatment plans and guidance to patients seeking alternative or adjunctive therapies involving medicinal cannabis. We prioritise patient well-being, offering comprehensive consultations and ongoing support to address individual needs.

Join us at MOCA and MOCA Health on our journey to unlock the potential of medicinal cannabis, advocating for holistic health and pioneering advancements in cannabis-based medicine for a better tomorrow. Experience the difference in quality, care, and expertise with MOCA's holistic approach to medicinal cannabis therapy.

MOCA has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Australia. 

We offer 15-minute telehealth consultations with licensed medical practitioners for patients seeking cannabis plant-based therapies.

All consultations are conducted via telephone for your convenience. 

Once your appointment is confirmed, we collect your health history securely for review by your practitioner before the consultation. 

During the scheduled consultation, your practitioner will discuss and customise a treatment plan based on cannabis therapies.

Our Practice Manager will handle your order for MOCA medication via an invoice payment process.Upon payment, your medications will be shipped directly to your home, following the specifications provided to our partner dispenser.

At MOCA Health, our aim is to simplify your experience while providing quality and personalised care for your medical needs.


All our consultations are done vie telehealth.


805/220 Collins Street Melbourne

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Monday to Friday

9am to 5.00pm