Welcome to MOCA Health

Australia's Organic Cannabis Clinic, offers $79 telehealth consultations available nationwide. 

Experience convenient and expert healthcare from home, guided by our experienced team. 

Book your appointment today and embark on a path to improved well-being.

How it works.

Step 1. Select your date and time for your 'one on one' 15 minute telephone consultation with our specialised medical practitioners.

Step 2. Confirm your appointment by making payment.

Step 3. Complete your medical history on this secure link.

Step 4. Your medical practitioner will call you on the appointed day and time.

Detailed information for patients on booking your appointment and dispensing medication


Our $79 telehealth consultations offer convenience and expert guidance to patients across the nation.

MOCA Health Cannabis Clinic Australia

Welcome to MOCA Health!

Are you suffering from a chronic medical condition

Are you seeking a holistic alternative to relieve symptoms and pain?

We offer - 

- 15 minute telephone consultation

- No doctors referral necessary

- Personalised prescription & treatment plan

Our practitioners are trained and experienced in prescribing cannabis based medicine. 

MOCA Health is bought to you by Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA)

Our full service holistic clinic will complete the application to the Department of Health on your behalf, and will prescribe and dispense cannabis whole-plant based medicine in accordance with Australian regulations regarding cannabis prescriptions and clinical advice to patients. 

Already have a prescription? Contact us now for supply of our organic cannabis medication

Before you take your next steps, it is important to understand the timeframes and financial investment associated with our method of treatment.

How it works.

Step 1. Select your date and time for your 'one on one' telephone consultation with our Approved Practitioner for your cannabis medication.

Step 2. Confirm your appointment with your credit card payment.

Step 3. Complete your medical history on this secure link.

Step 4. Our Approved Practitioner will call you on the appointed day and time.

It's as easy as that!


About MOCA Health

MOCA Health Cannabis Clinic has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Australia and offers consultations with Australian fully licensed medical practitioners for patients seeking cannabis plant based therapies.  

All our consultations are done by a 15 minute telephone telehealth appointment. 

MOCA is proud to be named Winner Best Sustainable Cannabis Australia

On this portal your can select a suitable time for a consultation with our practitioner,  based on availability. 

Once the appointment is confirmed, we will collect information via our secure servers, about your health history, this is then provided to your practitioner for review prior to your consultation.   

At the appointed time, the medical practitioner will call you for your consultation.  If it is deemed by the practitioner to be appropriate, your practitioner will then specify a personalised treatment plan for cannabis based therapies.

Our Practice Manager arranges your order for MOCA medication via invoice. 

Once paid, your medications are shipped to your home. 

Your MOCA cannabis medication specifications are sent directly to our partner dispenser  and your order is sent to you. 

Join thousands of Australians who are experiencing relief with natural alternatives to conventional treatments. Organic plant based solutions for your wellness.

Including chronic back pain, anxiety, insomnia, nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy, epilepsy, mental disorders, spasticity from multiple sclerosis and more.

For those who are suffering from chronic conditions, and other treatments have failed to provide relief of symptoms, or caused unbearable side effects. 

About Us

Emanuela Ispani

Co-Founder and Director.

MOCA Health Cannabis Clinic are leaders in organic cannabis whole-plant based healthcare. Our award winning medical cannabis company is here to offer you the very best in organic medical cannabis therapies

Our team handles every aspect of the journey, from seed to patient. Our organic plants are cultivated in our research facility and our practitioners are trained in the benefits and use of the healing plant. We consider ourselves 'custodians of the flower of life' and our mission is to help the lives of all patients in need of ours services and products.   

MOCA's scientific team bring all of our passion and dedication to serve our clients along their journey to wellness and vitality. 


All our consultations are done vie telehealth.


805/220 Collins Street Melbourne

Business hours

Monday to Friday

9am to 5.00pm